We offer a selection of pampering services providing a day of

relaxation and rejuvenation...

1.Clouds Classic Package:
Our most popular package is a delightful blend of mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy a relaxing 50 minute Swedish massage and let your stress and worries drift away into the Clouds.  Included in this package is a selection of aromatherapy oils to enhance the sensory experience which allows you to experience deeper relaxation and pure enjoyment. You will enjoy a cup of English tea, herbal tea, or spa water to gather your thoughts and embrace your inner peace in our beautiful Tea Room.  After you enjoy your light refreshments, an experienced Esthetician will whisk you off to delight your skin with a rejuvenating facial, customized to your individual needs. At the end of your session you will feel like a million dollars as you walk out with your head in the Clouds. 2hr session $120

(other services may be added for an additional cost )

Clouds Classic Plus Package:
Upgrade your experience with aromatherapy, delightful back scrub, and hot stones included during your Swedish massage.  Relax as the stress and strain of everyday life is smoothed away to help you decompress and enjoy this pamper session. After your massage you will then enjoy a specialized anti-aging facial.  This customized facial will help remove the signs of aging to reveal a more youthful you, with a softer and even toned look to your skin. This is a our power pack spa day making you feel in control of your world.
2.5 hr session $150

Clouds Classic Elite Package:

This is for the day you need to just let go and embrace pampering from head to toe!  When you need to disconnect from all that troubles you, bring your mind and body to a place of beauty, calm and balance, and put your whole-being in the Clouds...

We will sweep you off your feet with this the ultimate spa experience.  This luxurious package includes a full-body scrub to remove all the dry and dull surface skin from head to toe , (allowing you  to sweat freely and let toxins flow from the body during the sauna) You will step into  a warm shower and then have time to relax before you enter the Infrared sauna.

You will enjoy time to breath and detoxify the body as the benefits of an infrared sauna session are too many to list here; read a magazine, a book or just close your eyes.

Your light refreshments await you before you meet one of our gifted estheticians for a customized facial. This facial is designed to enhance your individual skin care needs and  perfect products will be selected based on your consultation. After treating your face to a delightful sensation of pampering and relaxation, you will be taken for a full body massage, including aromatherapy oils and hot stones to finish off your Spa Day.  We are sure you will leave this session with your Mind, Body, and Spirit floating in the Clouds... An experience like no other. 
3.5 hours of sheer bliss $200 
Let us put your head in the Clouds...

Clouds Deluxe Express Package:
In and out is the name of the game here! Do you need a quick pick me up mid-week?  Then this package is just for you! Have a lunch break ? Need a gift for a friends birthday? Going on a date night?  our express deluxe package is perfect for  you ...30 minute Swedish massage and express facial includes detox or anti stress tea or glass of wine, we still have to include time to breath!  75 min session $90

Infrared Sauna Detox Package
Remove the toxins, speed up metabolic rate, stimulate cell renewal, help with healing inside and out, all in this session. Enjoy a 50 minute therapeutic massage where firm and speedy strokes stimulate the circulation, speed up the flow of the  lymphatic system, and loosen the tissue preparing you for a relaxing escape in our infrared sauna that does all the work while you sit and relax!  Step out of the sauna and enjoy detox tea in our beautiful Tea Room and clear your mind, body, and spirit of toxins that make us feel sluggish and tired with this, our natural detox package. 90min session $100