Emzymes have been proven to work much faster than other exfoliation methods, loosening up and removing dead skin cells, promoting younger looking skin diminishing scaring, age spots, fine lines and discoloration.

This packages includes Bikini Waxing Only $85 

Summer Special on REFLEXOLOGY

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Body Detoxifying Dry Bristle Brushing, Tone and tightens the skin, detoxify the body reducing cellulite Summer Special, Includes 1hr hydration massage 90mins $80 reg $85

Fun in the Sun Special

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Combine the two a Full Body Dry Brushing or Body Scrub and an Amazing Emzyme Facial with Bikini Waxing ...

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Will Your Face & Body Be Ready For The Beach?

Let us help make you feel and look amazing when you head for Fun in The Sun at The Beach Anytime This Year...By appointments only.

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This amazing experience includes 1hr Hydrating Swedish Massage                                                   Only $90 reg$100