here at Clouds

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

6pm to 7pm  

 Full circle donations welcome

Join us as Rev Hye Sunim shares his wisdom and knowledge helping us to expand and support our own personal growth, compassion and awareness of our actions and actions daily as we take this journey to find and retain inner-peace for ourselves and with the rest of the world, to become the best we can be and find and achieve enlightenment of what that all means along the way to that beautiful place developing as much knowledge and wisdom in this lifetime is the key to peace in our hearts and minds..

Rev. Hye Wol Sunim was first ordained in Sri Lanka in 1977 and took robes in the Korean Zen tradition in 1984. Rev. Sunim founded the Meditation Center for Zen Communities (MCZC) and has a meditation center in Pearblossom, California.

Rev. Sunim is the guiding dharma teacher for The Insight Center in Los Angeles.

His publications include “Dharma Reflections” and Manual for Buddhist Meditation. these meditation classes will teach you how to meditate and find inner peace through wise reflections on your inner chatter.

In Mindfulness Meditation you will learn:

  • how to live in the moment with love & compassion
  • how to obtain & enjoy inner peace
  • ​experience personal growth and self awareness.

Join us in this beautiful class and experience the teachings of Sunim.