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Deep tissue Massage


Prenatal Massage 

Therapeutic /Sports Massage 


Couples Massage in our Beautiful Couples suite

sometimes Mom and Daughters,  boyfriends and Girlfriends , BFF's  or family members share the experience in our couples suite.

( Sorry Temporarily Unavailable)

Hot Stone Massage


Spa Massage Price list 

Swedish Massage: 

Taking relaxation to new heights with the healing power of touch. Using five different flowing massage stokes that address tension and stress. Special attention is paid to tightness and sore muscles in the back, neck and shoulders, relaxing and rejuvenating mind and body.
30 min- $35  60 min- $65  90 min- $90 2hrs $140

Deep Tissue / Therapeutic Massage
This Concentrated pain relieving massage uses much firmer pressure and special massage techniques to reach the deeper layers of muscle and tissues. Addressing areas of pain and muscle spasm in the back, neck and hip also can help alleviate sciatic pain. Deep and very firm pressure will be used along with hot stones to aide in the relaxing of the muscles.

30 min- $45  60 min- $80  90 min - $120

 Deluxe Hot Stone Massage

Delightful and deeply RELAXING! Feel the warm penetrating heat from the lava stones as the smooth the natural grape seed oil over the whole body. Relax and allow the heat from the stones to soothe muscle spasm and disperse tension. Aromatherapy oils may be added to take this experience to even higher levels of relaxation.A deluxe client favorite.  

1Hr $80 

Prenatal Massage
A treat for mommy-to -be a beautiful time for bonding of mother and child. For centuries this gentle massage has been given to mothers to be offering relaxation and relief from the strain and stresses place on a woman's body during pregnancy. Bringing comfort to hips, back, shoulders, easing leg tension and aches.( Recommended for 2nd and 3rd trimester. Please consult your physician before treatment)

45 Min $80

The Refresher... Need a quick pick me up mid-week 

Let the stress just float away as all attention is focused on back massage.

Feel invigorated and renewed with this lunch time treat, hot packs and the use of a fine blend of Indian basil, Himalayan Cedar wood infusion, increase blood flow to sore muscles and joints to ease tension away.. 30 mins $40

 Sports Massage Available

For all athletes stimulate the blood flow to muscles before activity and help with detoxification and recovery afterwards. 

30 min $45  50 min $80



Massages are mainly done by appointment at this time we do accept walk-ins! 

Please call to book or check availability and to schedule your appointment.

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Swedish Massage

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