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Easy flow, let it go. A whole different experience. One and a half hour of full relaxation with two instructors to pamper you. This is the ultimate lay down yoga. Various props are used in restorative yoga to support and encourage the body to open and release muscular and emotional tightness. Restorative poses are explored for longer periods of time than traditional postures and have been proven to be therapeutic, encouraging peace of mind while managing pain and stress. No difficult poses, but focusing on relaxation with hands-on adjustments, affirmations, light music, a candlelit room, and essential oils. This class is a perfect way to bring balance in your week and is a real treat to yourself. Wear comfortable clothes, bring warm socks, your favorite pillow or blanket.

Sign-ups required,

Please Call Marlies 661.902.7887

Restorative Yoga Workshop

​with Marlies & Hanny