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Wisdom is Applied Knowledge

At River of Wellness Health Club, “Our mission is to help people reach their optimum health so that they may in turn reach their fullest potential in life”.  We are here to help facilitate optimized living for our clients.   We utilize the latest clinically proven and researched approaches in functional nutrition, functional neurology, functional endocrinology, and energy, and apply them to our patient-oriented wellness care model.

Our goal is to significantly improve the lives of those who find themselves lost in a world of specialists who do not treat people as a whole.  Our bodies are not just a bunch of parts thrown together but a “singular synchronous structural functional unit” where every part is vital and effects the others.  By finding the cause of ones symptoms, our wellness support programs will enable our members to start living a healthier lifestyle, add more years to their life and life to their years.

This function-based approach is utilized in care programs and educational programs.  This is a non-conventional private wellness care practice which utilizes nonsurgical, drug-free protocols for optimal body and mind wellness.  We use the most advanced, cutting edge, scientifically objective tests in our analysis and recommendations, and we see highly effective objective results. A personal assessment (based on blood, hair, and/or subjective health questionnaire) with specific nutritional supplementation and detoxification recommendations when joined with specialized Chiropractic treatments can bring the body into a wellbeing of optimal health.

Dr. Anderson brings 40 years of holistic health and wellness experience to Clouds.  He holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic.  In his 40 years of practice he has postdoctoral certifications in Physical Therapy, Spinal Stressology, Bio-Cranial Therapy, Acupuncture, Auricular Therapy, Kinesiology, Enzyme Therapy, Applied Reflexology and Trophology, and Functional Nutrition.  Dr. Anderson offers non-invasive, natural methods for gaining and preserving health and wellness.  Dr. Anderson has owned and operated his own clinics in MO and CA.  He and his wife Diane, of 45 years, came to the Antelope Valley to be near family. They have 5 grown children, 19 grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Here at Clouds European Day Spa and Wellness Center we can schedule a personal consultation to determine where your health is and where it is headed.  We have numerous lab services that can help us get specific to your individual needs.  Along with our Chiropractic treatment we offer ultrasound, muscle stimulation, anodyne, and acupuncture for smoking cessation.

Dr. Anderson is available for health lectures to educate your group or clubs.  He is seeing new patients by appointment.  

What Others Say…”My husband and I came to Dr. Anderson with numerous problems. I’m 74 and had aches and pains, loss of sleep, no energy, and 15 years of diarrhea.  My husband is 81 with lung cancer, emphysema, COPD, and no energy.  We followed Dr. Anderson’s curriculum and feel great!  We’re both sleeping and have energy to do what we want, no diarrhea, and his last cancer screen was negative, CANCER FREE!  We both feel like his care has given us a new lease on life and an extra several years!”

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Larry Anderson DC