Join Our

Open Hearted  Conscious Awareness Group..

Come join us and learn

through reading in our

Spiritual Vibrations Book Club..

The Last Friday of the month

at 6-7pm

We will share and discover a greater understanding of life, spirituality, self awareness, and personal growth as we read as a group, but still at our own pace a wide selection of books, articles and reports that will allow us to grow individually yet collectively.

Broadening our horizon and understanding of life as we share this journey of exploration and discovery of all the universe has to offer helping to develop our conscious awareness and understanding of life..


 (Love donations graciously accepted)

Join us every last Friday

of the month at 7pm

You are invited to participate in a wide selection of holistic and spiritual subjects as we enjoy workshops, discussions, presentations and hands on exploration of all that is available to us to embrace on our spiritual journey to consciousness of mind body and spirit.... Bringing awareness of all we have available..

In Our Open Hearted Conscious Awareness Circle it is a  celebration of life and personal growth, during our gathering we will start with a group circle, gentle relaxation, meditation and reflect on our previous month’s experiences. 

We will share words for contemplation and discussion with goals of developing inner peace, compassion, love and overall wellbeing.

We are a non- religious group offering alternative options and holistic approaches to heath of mind body and spirit through friendship, group meditations, our book club, sharing of knowledge, and group discussions.

Join us monthly and allow your spirituality and individuality to grow in a loving group setting.

 (Gratitude donations accepted)

Love donations welcome and humbly accepted

Join us as our group comes together with open hearts each

1st Friday of the new month at

7pm to share thoughts and feeling, to encourage each other in a loving and divinely feminine way, unique to the gentler feminine needs we have as women, to validate our emotions, inspire positive actions and lovingly support each other as we travel through the different phases of our life’s journey.

Come visit our group and experience the strength of the divine feminine spirit that lies with each of us as beautiful and strong women all are welcome to visit our group free for the first time..

May we help each other’s feminine light shine brightly each day of our lives as we walk life's path together united in the Feminie Light…


We invite you to join us

as a member of

"The Sisterhood of the Feminine Light "

​​A Woman's group that meets monthly to connect as sisters of the soul and of spirit to unite, as women we have a unique need to gather and support each other, in this group we can allow ourselves to drop the strong defense barrier we hold up most of the time to protect ourselves, here once a month we come together to relax to allow our beautiful feminine light to shine. 

 As individuals we are tealights as a group we become a strong pillar, a candle of hope and inspiration, a beacon for all women in our community to be drawn to for safety and support on life journey.

United in womanhood, as friends and in sisterhood... Kay

As an Holistic Wellness Center we offer lots of alternative ways to support your health of mind, body and spirit with education, Information and conversations, through groups, classes and workshops we invite you to participate in any one or all of the feeding your desire for a simple healthy and grounded lifestyle.