Weekly Classes and Groups

We have brought together a wide selection of classes for your pleasure and enjoyment.

We recognize this is a large part of a healthy holistic lifestyle, exploring new things and making and cultivating new friendships with like minded people who also enjoy or that are also looking for a well rounded natural lifestyle.

We understand not all things will appeal  to everyone but by having such a large selection for you to choose from we know something will appeal to you and you will be able to add it to your new holistic lifestyle here in the Antelope Valley. 

Join us here at Clouds European Day Spa and Holistic Wellness Center as often as you like and allow us to support you on your journey of personal growth and self development a journey to connect to the true self, the you, you may never have met or forgotten existed along the way! 

NOW is the time to reconnect and explore that you!.

It's time to enjoy living life to the fullest in a safe nurturing environment

​here at Clouds.

From Yoga Classes - Mindfulness Meditation Classes - Tai Chi Classes - and more coming weekly .....

 PLEASE CALL for more information on classes or workshops. 661.726.2765

 Clouds Gentle Yoga     

 All classes are 1hr duration unless stated.                                                                 


 This class is for those who may have never sat on a yoga mat before! Those who may  feel unsure about their abilities as a yoga student..

Yes it’s time for each of you who have always thought I can’t do that!    

To take to the mat and say … YES YOU CAN!

We have created a very gentle yoga 101 class perfect for beginner Yogis, We want to support you as you explore the wonderful benefits to mind, body and spirit yoga can offer anyone willing to give it a try… It will include mainly  floor work, gentle yoga poses, stretches, twists, breath work, relaxation techniques, light meditation and introduction to a Holistic lifestyle…

Gentle instruction will be used throughout the class to ensure all are able to participate with ease.