Certified Nutritionist Marguerite Cooney.

Hello my name is  Marguerite, as a certified nutritionist with over 15 years experience I understand that nutrition is a vital part of having a healthy body.  I specialize in custom dietary programs for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, vegetarian and  vegan programs,  as well as addressing many other types of health issues including women’s health concerns such as PMS and Menopause.

I myself am a cancer survivor of 20 yrs. My approach to health is an holistic one, looking at the whole person to create balance where imbalance may exists.

 I am a graduate from the Hallelujah Acres program and Weimar Institute,  for the reversing of diabetes and weight Loss Program. In addition I am also a certified raw food chef and completed 2 years of cooking classes in vegetarian cuisine. I constantly continue to pursue my further education through seminars, workshops and training programs to stay up to date on new developments in the nutritional fields that are advancing daily .

 I work several days a week as a nutritional consultant for the Whole Wheatery. I have helped lots of our customers over the years with suitable products and advice to support their nutritional and dietary needs.

 Here at Clouds I have a private consultation service where I create customized nutritional programs based around your individual dietary needs and health concerns. My goal is to support you and hold your hand  every step of the way.  I  empower you so you can achieve wellness through informed dietary and lifestyle changes. My own journey back to health has brought me to where I am today, confident in the power of a good well balanced informed dietary program.

 I  am here to help you reach your goals through the use and implementation of a customized nutritional program designed especially for you and your individual needs.  

Please Call me with any questions you may have or to book you private nutritional consultation

Marguerite Cooney CN.

​Call : 661-256-7659