Detoxifying, toning and tightening the skin with this European favorite. Yes all this and more from this simple but very effective treatment. Brushing stimulates the lymphatic system allowing and encouraging better drainage, reducing the signs of cellulite and improving your immune system allowing over all better health of mind body and spirit. Included shower and hydration massage.

​90 mins $100

*without massage 30 mins  brushing $45

Deep Tissue / Therapeutic



Two 1hr Swedish Massages for only $100 save $30

Must be done in one month and paid in full at 1st session

Hot Stone Massage

A beautiful massage for any mother to be... Allowing time to settle the mind and calm the spirit offering the mom time to relax and connect with her baby, also addressing the issues a mother maybe experiencing due to the pregnancy such as back and shoulder pain, tightness in the lower back and hips paying special attention to this area.

This is a perfect treat for any mom to be allowing  time to relax before the baby arrives

45 mins $80  * Makes a great Gift!

Swedish Massage

Prenatal Massage 

From the earth and seas we offer the perfect body treatment,  providing rich minerals from  our sacred earth along with purifying  sea allgue that provide nutrients to the skin feeding it from the outside in, implanting vitamins and nourishing it with trace elliments and intense nutrition, hydrating and supporting cell renewal 

90 mins Starting at $100 - $120


When it comes to intense muscle pain and spasm Deep Tissue is needed,  also know as Therapeutic Massage.   By using specialized massage techniques we can address and help release  stiffness and soreness cause in these episodes. deeper and much firm massage techniques help relieves the pain caused by over use or muscle spasm and tension.

30 mins $45   1 hr $80    90mins $120 

Sheer heaven on earth when you receive a full body hot stone massage. Smooth lava rock and  river stones are  heated to the perfect temperature to ease away all the stress and tension held deep in your muscles, This massage will gently melt away the aches and pains in the joints and tissue with warm scented oils,

we offer a selection of relaxing or embracing essential oils to delight or please the senses  

​1hr $80

Relax and Unwind with a full body Swedish massage,  Let the stress and tension just slip away. Helps improve mood, relax muscles and stimulate lymphatic drainage to stimulate  the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety, creating a sense of overall well being.

30 mins $35

1 hr $65

90 mins  $90

2 hrs $130

Offering microdermabrasion  for the whole body, from head to toe soft and gentle beautifying skin care.   We offer a nice selection of body scrubs to suit your mood or skin type. A citrus body polish for gently removing the dull surface skin or a stimulating salt or sugar scrub that will help to remove dead and discolored skin cells allowing them to be gently washed away in the warm shower revealing the soft more youthful and even tone and textured skin to be revealed and enjoyed as you receive  your relaxing hydration massage.  

90 mins $100

Full Body Scrubs.

Herbal, Clay and Seaweed

Body Wraps

Dry Bristle Brushing