​​​​       Clouds European Day Spa and

                              Holistic Wellness Center


Clouds Beginners Yoga- Gentle Hatha 101                                                                                 

All classes are 1hr duration unless stated.                                                                

This class is for those who may have never sat on a yoga mat before! Those who may have some physical restrictions or feel unsure about their abilities as a yoga student.. Yes it’s time for each of you who have always thought I can’t do that!    To take to the mat and … YES YOU CAN!

We have created a very gentle yoga 101 class perfect for beginner Yogis, We want to support you as you explore the wonderful benefits to mind, body and spirit yoga can offer anyone willing to give it a try… It will include mainly  floor work, gentle yoga poses, stretches, twists, breath work, relaxation techniques, light meditation and introduction to a Holistic lifestyle…

Gentle instruction will be used throughout the class to ensure all are able to participate with ease, with the goal of transitioning you to our next level of class yoga for beginners… Gentle Hatha level I

Clouds Beginners Gentle Hatha level I                                                                

This is a class for those with some experience, join us on the mat as we learn more and use a wider range of yoga poses that will support your well being strength, toning and firming of muscles. 

A  gentle class but with more focus on developing our knowledge and personal abilities, strengthening and improving our awareness of yoga. Helping to improve our mind body connection, and creating a better control of the body that will help with range of motion and flexibility as we progress in our yoga practice..

We will also use modification for various levels of abilities as to help all progress as we practice the art of yoga.

It will include more of the standing poses, balancing poses, twist and bends increasing metabolic system and stamina as you develop your ability to enjoy a healthier mind and body. All done with a gentle yoga level I in mind.

Recovery Yoga for Active Bodies  Thursday 7-8pm                                                                       

 These are all gentle classes. This one being for those with yoga knowledge and experience we will work through gentle yoga poses, developing your skills and ability, improving strength, flexibility and creating a better understanding of the poses, with simple sequences to help tone the body and improve calorie burning with a slightly faster pace that the other two classes.

Modifications and instruction to guide you each step of the way as you start to embrace yoga as part of your healthy lifestyle, light meditations and setting intentions are used to expand upon your conscious awareness and to help develop that mind body relationship.